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The word 'Amju', a fox, a bird and a cat.

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Amju carrying a block. Long shot showing Amju, some trees and a shed in the distance. Amju standing on some blocks she has stacked up. Amju can see a fox and a bird. Standing next to that block she can pick it up if you press the action button! A nice shot of some trees and the sunny blue sky. A birds-eye view of a melon and Amju trying to get the fox up the ramp she has built. Amju carrying a cube. The stripey markings show where it will land when she puts it down. A fox running past the camera in demo mode. Amju looks at a bird which is running around. Amju stands thoughtfully next to a blue block. A nice close up of Amju. Amju stands on a red cube and looks at the trees.

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