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How to play Amju Pet Zoo

To play Amju Pet Zoo you just need to use the mouse. To move around your zoo, click on the ground where you want to walk.

If you find an egg, click the Pick Up Egg button to pick it up. Then click on the Hatch button to drop it on the ground. The egg will hatch and you will have a new pet!

Watch out for dinosaurs! They like to eat pets!

Your pets need to be fed. They eat the fruit that grows on the trees in your zoo. So to feed a pet, pick some fruit!

When your pets eat the food, they grow bigger. Fully grown pets can lay more eggs! But don't forget, your pet must be full of food before she can lay an egg. You can't lay an egg on an empty stomach!

As you look after your pets you will get hearts. You can use them in the Pet Zoo Shop to buy more things for your zoo!

You can pick up most things in your zoo, to make it just how you want. When you pick something up, the stripes on the ground show you where it will go. If you click the Position button you can drag things around and Rotate them.

Amju will give you helpful messages as you play. So it helps if you can read, but even young children can have fun with Amju Pet Zoo!

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