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The word 'Amju', a fox, a bird and a cat.

How to play Amju
The animals at Amju's farm are on the loose!
Use the building blocks to get all amju's animals home. But make sure you don't run out of time!

As the bird hits the red block... ...he changes direction.
Whenever one of Amju's animals hits a block it changes direction.
So you can place the blocks to make them go wherever you like!

Amju standing next to a block... Amju is carrying the block... Amju is running away with the block!
Stand next to a block you would like to pick up, then hit the action button to take it.

Amju is standing on a block she just placed... ...Amju has rotated the block!
Hit the action button again to place the block, and again to rotate it if you like!

Amju has placed blocks so the bird goes into his house!
When all the animals are home you have won!

A melon - this gives you more time! A magic bean - this causes all the animals to change direction!
You will need to find some melons and magic beans along the way!
Melons give you extra time. Magic beans change the direction in which the animals turn!

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