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How to play Amju Super Golf
The object of the game is to get to the 18th hole, getting as many points as possible!

Start by choosing one or two players, then choose the course you would like to play!

OK, are you ready ? Let's play!

This shows Marin about to take a shot.
When you click and drag the blue cross on the golf ball, your character gets ready to take the shot. The red dots show the ideal trajectory the ball would take if your skills were perfect.
You play Amju Super Golf using the mouse. To play a shot, click on the ball, and drag downwards for more power!
To change direction, simply drag left or right!
When you are ready, release the mouse button to play the shot!

This is a closed gate... ...which you can open if you can hit a moon with the ball!
This gate is closed. You need to open it to go through. To do this you must hit a moon with the golf ball!

This is a shed - there are animals inside! This cat has popped out of a shed. This is a Freeze Bean. If you hit it with the ball, all the animals will freeze for a short time!
If you hit this shed with your golf ball, it will break open, and some animals will come out!
If you hit an animal with the ball you get a super bonus!
To make it easier, you can freeze the animals with a freeze bean!

Hit this star with the golf ball and you get an extra life!
If you lose a ball you go back to the start of the hole you are on.
If you run out of balls the game is over! Luckily you get an extra ball if you can hit a star!

This is a bonus - hit it with the ball for extra points. This counter shows how many bonuses are left.
Hit the hearts to get bonus points! If you get all the hearts you get a super bonus!

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