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How to play Amju Super Cool Pool

It's easy to play Amju Super Cool Pool! Use the left mouse button to aim, then use the right mouse button to shoot!

How to aim the cue
To move the cue, move the mouse while holding down the (left) mouse button.

How to take a shot
Hold down the right mouse button while you move the mouse. Mac users, hold down Ctrl and drag the mouse. You will see a power guage appear. Pull the mouse back for more power, or push forwards for less power. When you are ready, release the mouse button to take the shot. To cancel the shot, push up until the power guage is empty, and release the mouse button.

How to move the cue contact position
The contact position is where the cue hits the cue ball. To move it around, hold down the middle mouse button and move the mouse. Mac users should hold down Option and drag the mouse. The current contact position is shown at the bottom left.

  • Hitting the side of the cueball gives you sidespin, also called "english". This causes the path of the cue ball to curve.
  • Hitting the top of the cue ball gives you topspin, and hitting below the centre gives you backspin. This causes the cue ball to travel forwards or back after it has hit another ball.
  • Hitting the cue ball at the very bottom will make it jump! Hit the ball with lots of power to get a good jump.

    Moving the Camera
    Use the arrow keys to move the camera around. Use the Z and X keys to zoom in and out.

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