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Get ready for a game of US 8 Ball! Marin is stripes in this game. She has potted 3 balls already! This is the super hard table with tiny pockets. This is a trick shot. Simply hit the bird carrying a ball on its head, and pot the ball! But watch out for the spooky heads with bombs on top! If you hit a bomb, it blows up in a few seconds, unless you pot it! Marin breaks. This is the table with big pockets - it's easy! This is a crazy game. Hit the melons to boost the hearts above each pocket! Good shot Henry! This is a crazy game - hit those pesky animals to free the balls! This is crazy 9 Ball. Where is the 9 ball ? It's on top of the spooky heads, which you must demolish! Super pink table action! It's Marin's turn - it looks like she will pot that orange 5 ball. Henry to play - he has potted 3 balls already!

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