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A birds eye view of this hole, which has moving platforms - very tricky! Marin watches as Amju's shot gets close to a bonus! Amju takes a swing. Marin lines up a long shot. Wild animals running free! Hit them with the ball for a super bonus! Time for Marin to taste golf ball... Amju can see the flag up ahead, while Marin waits for her turn. Marin lines up a shot over a steep drop... ...there it goes! Amju hopes the golf ball flying towards her will miss. Marin takes a big swing at a row of bonus stars. Marin bets Amju she will miss the moving platform. Amju aims at a heart bonus, which Marin was hoping to get herself! This cat is asking for a golf ball hat. Look at the foxes skipping merrily! Amju wants to hit them with the ball for super bonus points. This is the player skills page, which is new in v.2.0! As you play your skills improve.

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